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Find the Best Military Gift Ideas!

Marine Corps Bottle Openers

Military gifts are a chance to show appreciation. For the Marine Corps recruit or officer who enjoys a bottle of beer after a hard days work comes our line of Marine Corps Bottle Openers.

Marine Corps Barware

Shop for United States Marine Corps flasks, decanters, bottle openers and other barware accessories. Utilize them in a promotion ceremony celebration or anytime at all!

Marine Corps Coasters

Freedom Fighter's Marine Corps Military Gifts now features desktop drink coasters proudly designed with the emblem of the U.S.M.C. Buy just an individual drink coaster or choose a set of four or six.

Marine Corps Clocks

A Marine Corps officer from a Captain to Major or even a Colonel would happily showcase a Marine Corps Clock in their office.

Marine Corps Lapel Pins

Choose one of our U.S.M.C. lapel pins which range in designs. Find a basic lapel pin with the Marine Corps emblem or go with one of our other military lapel pins which combines a flag into the design.

Marine Corps Dog Tags

A popular Marine Corps gift is the dog tag. Freedom Fighter Military Gifts offers in-house personalization and engraving services so we can make your gift extra-special.

Marine Corps Desk Accessories

Hold up a stack of hardback books with our U.S.M.C. Marble Bookends or keep those important reports and paperwork protecting inside our Marine Corps Leather Portfolio. We've got lots of U.S.M.C. Desk Accessories for you to choose from and they all make great military gifts.

Marine Corps Key Chains

Keep your keys handy and your pride in the Marine Corps proudly displayed with our USMC key chains. One of the most appreciated and inexpensive Marine Corps gifts.

Marine Corps Golf Gifts

When a member of the Marine Corps isn't storming a beach or defending liberty around the world, you might just find them out on the golf course for some much needed relaxation. Our Marine Corps Golf Gifts range from golf tools for the game to golf theme desk accessories.

Marine Corps Mugs

A coffee mug is one of the best gifts. But the best gift for a member of the USMC is a Marine Corps Coffee Mug and we offer several mug designs.

Marine Corps Photo Frames

One of the timeless United States Marine Corps Gifts is a photo frame emblazoned with the emblem of the U.S.M.C. or its motto "Semper Fi."

Marine Corps Paperweights

The desk of any U.S.M.C. officer should be adorned with Marine Corps desk accessories. Our line of exclusive paperweights decorate many Marine Corps desks and yours could be next!

Marine Corps Watches

A Marine Corps Gift that can go with the proud U.S. Marine anywhere. It's a chance to show pride in the service that is the most respected on the globe.

Marine Corps Nameplates

An office theme gift for the United States Marine Corps officer stuck behind the desk doing paperwork!

Camouflage Pattern Bag & Cases

Military Gift Engraving Fonts